New Arrivals
​The Anna Collection​

New Arrivals
​THE Anna Collection 

Elongated Pearl Elegance 

Our stories

We tell stories about the long and proud history of pearls.

We also tell stories from around the world about girls and women and their struggle for equal access to education and thus gender equality. 

PS Add-ons

We thought that the ear needed a new pearl wardrobe based on one concept but for all occasions. This resulted in our PS Add-On concept which translates into charms for the ear. 


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Stationsvej 22 | 3480 Fredensborg | Denmark

Imagined In Denmark​

​Pearl Stories was founded in Denmark on all the symbolism and heritage of a land that has created such legends as Hans Christian Andersen and Arne Jacobsen. The company's design team stretched its collective imagination to find exciting, contemporary ways to reinvent the world of pearl jewellery using Danish design and craftsmanship techniques from all over the world.